Sunday, July 6, 2014

Crazy Messy Art Day

Too much fun with paints and balloons!!!! 

America - 4th July!!

We decorated a hula hoop with ribbons and yarn - the class learnt by themselves how to do the loop know and this activity was all theirs¬!

After, they interacted with it in many ways while they were playing, just sitting under it, pretending it was a shower, running through.... FUN!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

America! Native American necklaces!

Next up, simple native American necklaces!

I found some pendants to colour (on the crayola website), which the kids took great care to do perfectly! And, then we dyed pasta in order to make our 'beads'. Threading the beads was another activity the kids loved, so this project was a winner all round!
  Add all the beads together with the pendant....Da~ Daa~

America!!! Dreamcactchers!!!


 This was a simple activity that really took off. The kids loved the idea of making their own dreamcatchers after watching this story (it didn't matter that it was in French)

It was relatively easy for my class (4-6 years) to complete this by themselves, although for the star, some needed help, others wanted to just do it themselves and in other case, I guided their work. it was a lot of fun!!