Monday, June 30, 2014

America! Kachina Dolls!

In Arizona, there still exists the Hopi tribe (about 10,000 people) and one of their traditions is a Kachina doll carved from wood. Children are offered these every year until they are 10 years old.

There are many different types and we thought we would get involved and make our own..  

on paper, and a head mask too!!
more paper mache!!!

...which was a lot of fun for the kids to wear!

What a fun artistic project!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

America! The Flag!

 We always start the month with a flag representing the country, but it would be boring to do the same style paper activity each time.

This month, for America we got our hands and feet covered in white paint and had a lot of fun!

(NB - we were out of large sheets of white paper just that day, otherwise, we would have gone crazy with red and blue paints!!!)

Earth Day Update!

Our cuttings have grown roots and are long enough to plant!

It is important that the roots aren't too long and curled into each other, but the ivy plant is so hardy that it is difficult to make a mistake!

 We used toilet paper rolls as our planters too so there was also a sly lesson about recycling in there too. The kids found it funny more than anything else!Planting was easy and fun for the class. Of course we made a little mess, but it was great to see them getting into the spirit and pushing down on the soil, not minding the dirt at all!