Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Japan - Kokeshis Part 2

Moving from paper to wood and our delivery of dolls had come. The class were super pumped to paint their own dolls. We had discussed in detail the designs on some of the dolls I had brought in to show them and they were really excited.

They all worked hard to think about the faces, 

..the patterns and designs (this one's head was a tomato sauce squeezer!)

The finished products! (With some traditional dolls in the background.)

Japan -The Kokeshi project...Part One

A long standing Japanese tradition is the one of the Kokeshi. Today we started ur project with discussion and paper art. Each member of the class designed their own Kokeshi with original detail and colour.

There were a few ninja kokeshis too!

You can see the finished collection in Part Two of this project...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Japan - Samurai Hats

A super fun & easy project for the afternoon and one the class can be proud of instantly! Try out the Kabuto Samurai helmets! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Japan ~ Kimono

Starting the Japan theme was a lot of fun as the class had so many gems to share with us. Here are some lavender fields in Hokkaido!

Our first project after the map was designing some amazing, traditional kimonos. Everyone had ideas about what they looked like so we wanted to copy the traditional style.

First on a large sheet of paper, we used sponges to dab various patterns and colours.

And then, we had to use our fine motor skills to weave the strips in and out of the pre painted kimono. It took a lot of concentration and was fun  for all.

Japan- Interpretive Art

A fun project is listening to music and watching the class respond with movement, with art, with anything!
While we were studying Japan as a theme, we listened to some J-Pop music,

...and some Okinawan folk music. Everyone's reactions were different but all were colourful and very enjoyable.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


We live there...we love there!!!

 Children love to rip, to cut and to glue more than anything!
This collage of Japanese print paper was the perfect opportunity to start our Geography lesson from Japan.

We learnt about the NORTH (Hokkaido), the NORTHEAST (Sendai), SOUTHWEST and SOUTH (Okinawa)

We live in Japan 
We love Japan
The capital city is Tokyo

And we live there.

Do you like the cold?
Do you like the snow?
Then go up north
To Hokkaido.

With lots of food,
Go to Sendai, north east.
Eat Zunda & cow tongue
For a real feast!

If you go south west,
You can see history.
With temples & castles
In each city.

Down in the south,
Is sunny Okinawa.
It’s always hot;
You can swim every hour.

We live in Japan 
We love Japan
The capital city is Tokyo
And we live there.

© Leonora Sophie

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Brazil / Rainforest - Jaguar

We made a super large jaguar to put in our rainforest!

Brazil ~ Rain stick

We built a rainforest and decorated our classroom with so much green and also pictures of animals.
This was the best activity for them. The took the hammer, lots of nails and focussed so hard on adding as many nails as possible to make everything work.  

Thank we decorated it as much as we could with glue everywhere. We had so much fun. And then we did a rain dance and played with our giant sticks.

BRAZIL ~ Slithering snakes

Down in the jungle....there's a great activity for fine motor skills.

France - Monet

Our class project....looking at lots of art, especially Monet. They loved his house and how green it all was. We decorated a bridge picture with greens, lilacs and blues and....our own pictures too!

The class loved it so much, they would sketch it in their own free time too.

FRANCE - Bonjour Paris

Sketching words with oil crayons.....

Adding Silhouettes.....