Friday, February 28, 2014

Salvadore Dali

Inspired by some Dali sculptures, we tried a few ideas of piecing together parts of pictures.

We put magnets on the back so it will be a project we can return to, rework, adjust and extend each time.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Paper art and paper bag art too!
We made these as puppets...another great idea would be huge bags to fit over the heads¬! Next time!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

La Tomatina!

Talk about sensory overload!

 We ordered 14kg of tomatoes in order to create kindergarten-friendly version of the Spanish festival...!




Monday, February 24, 2014

Valentine's Project.

 A different idea for a take-home Valentine's project. We decorated the canvas with paint pens. The kids loved it and really got into the project!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bath Bombs!

So, at work, I guess I am very lucky. I get to work in a wonderful, Reggio Emilia inspired school, which is basically a dream come true. The children are the leaders in their own learning, and I just guide them on their way! 
During the first month at the school, the theme was England. which was very appropriate for me!  We put places, animals, historical monuments on our big map and made anything from Stonehenge, Roses, bath bombs and a massive castle project that will continue for a few more themes too.
The finale was our bath bomb making session, putting the famous LUSH on the map (which the kids, aged 4-6 knew and told me was in Japan too! The power of advertising!)
I followed a simple recipe with corn starch , baking soda, salt, some squirts of food colouring and essential oil ...oh, and lots of kids helping me!
  The finished product ended up looking and smelling so good! It was certainly a great way to end a theme!


For a reggio-inspired classroom, everything should be ideally colourful and accessible for the students.

We have just transferred the paints to bottles (this could be a recycling activity too...)


One of the first challenges I faced at the new job, was when my boss suggested building a castle!! My vision had been plain and more 2D....I should have realised that the bigger the better and I have set a precedent for future projects now too...(Looking forward to them..!)

We decided to build a castle for the England theme, although now we have overlapped into the next theme of Spain...not a problem!

We have five towers, add some small domes and it becomes MontJuic in Barcelona! Phew.. I have even made some tickets, to remind them and to use wisely!

One of the concepts of the Reggio approach is getting the students to work together on big projects. It creates an instant sense of teamwork, involvement and any ideas contributed get put into the final concept.

From this...
For example, I am hedging my bets on this not being a regular brown or even grey castle...we have had requests for rainbow towers and the like...! And, why not! After all, this is their work, not mine...I am just making sure there is paint in the pots for them to use!
To this.....
...with lots of this......

...and many times this!!

Finishing up!
 And there is the rainbow...!

Proving that the Reggio concept is colourful, rewarding and FUN!!!