Saturday, February 22, 2014


One of the first challenges I faced at the new job, was when my boss suggested building a castle!! My vision had been plain and more 2D....I should have realised that the bigger the better and I have set a precedent for future projects now too...(Looking forward to them..!)

We decided to build a castle for the England theme, although now we have overlapped into the next theme of Spain...not a problem!

We have five towers, add some small domes and it becomes MontJuic in Barcelona! Phew.. I have even made some tickets, to remind them and to use wisely!

One of the concepts of the Reggio approach is getting the students to work together on big projects. It creates an instant sense of teamwork, involvement and any ideas contributed get put into the final concept.

From this...
For example, I am hedging my bets on this not being a regular brown or even grey castle...we have had requests for rainbow towers and the like...! And, why not! After all, this is their work, not mine...I am just making sure there is paint in the pots for them to use!
To this.....
...with lots of this......

...and many times this!!

Finishing up!
 And there is the rainbow...!

Proving that the Reggio concept is colourful, rewarding and FUN!!!

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