Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bath Bombs!

So, at work, I guess I am very lucky. I get to work in a wonderful, Reggio Emilia inspired school, which is basically a dream come true. The children are the leaders in their own learning, and I just guide them on their way! 
During the first month at the school, the theme was England. which was very appropriate for me!  We put places, animals, historical monuments on our big map and made anything from Stonehenge, Roses, bath bombs and a massive castle project that will continue for a few more themes too.
The finale was our bath bomb making session, putting the famous LUSH on the map (which the kids, aged 4-6 knew and told me was in Japan too! The power of advertising!)
I followed a simple recipe with corn starch , baking soda, salt, some squirts of food colouring and essential oil ...oh, and lots of kids helping me!
  The finished product ended up looking and smelling so good! It was certainly a great way to end a theme!

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