Saturday, May 31, 2014

MeXICo~! Piñatas!

 I started out with an awesome plan - mini piñatas all round, plus a class piñata PLUS some for our school picnic at the end of the month.
Sadly, it was all a bit much.
These were the designs for the mini piñatas, taken from a cookie cutter shape originally and enlarged. (If you have heaps of time, there are some AWESOME and yummy rainbow cake piñata recipes out there....!)

In the end, this burros design became a hanging decoration!

And with the help of these cheap downloads, all those mini burros were still put to good use!

We continued on with these - aiming for a star shape, but unable to find party cone hats!!

There were a few questionable moments with breakages and the like, but we kept on trucking!

In total, we have made about 6 pinatas - way too many, but worth it. The class did more than their fair share of work too!

Next - the healthy snack filling¬¬!! 

It worked a treat - at our Cinco de Mayo party and at the school picnic...almost too well! Tip - Don't make the pinatas toooooo strong!!!

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