Friday, March 28, 2014

Africa..other ideas.

So many possibilities come to light for each topic and some might be great ideas but just won't work within the timescale, or alternatively, some can be quick fillers for a spare afternoon activity.

In the case of Africa, there was the original idea of the necklaces - using a paper plate, which at the time, the kids loved, but they were much more excited about the next project of the 'real' bead making....

While I was away, my boss took over for a few days and work on some Egypt projects with the kids. They got really into the idea of how pyramids contain treasure and maps and they had the chance to make their own styles of them. And they also learnt something about Egyptian mythology too. Sadly, I don't have any of these pictures, but it is worth noting to remember.

I had been thinking of extending the project and making Egyptian style bangles upon my return, but the gold paint was far too strong for the class to have used. it would, however, have been a great project to do as they would have loved to decorate the bracelets, made simply from toilet rolls.

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